Adult Events / Team-building

Party Entertainment:

If its fun, down to earth party entertainment you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Our interactive drumming workshops encourage participants to try something new in a relaxed setting and really let their hair down!

We provide a party entertainment service for all ages. While our adult program is slightly more technical, its suitable for beginners and also those who may prefer a bit of a challenge.

Book a drumming workshop for your party entertainment today to create a high energy, positive vibe for any event.


Team Building Activities

Team building activities aim to break down barriers and encourage colleagues to step out of their comfort zone. As a result, interactive drumming has become a favorite when considering suitable team building activities for corporate functions and adult party ideas.

Our interactive drumming workshops are simple to follow regardless of rhythmic ability or musical background. While our workshops do offer a bit of a challenge, they require absolutely no previous drumming experience. But most of all, they are packed with loads of FUN to be shared by all.

You can expect to drum along to various fun team building activities and popular songs designed to put your drumming skills to the test. Its easy to understand why drumming is one of the most popular team building activities around, creating the opportunity for deeper connection in a relaxed setting. You are likely to find that your team is quite surprised at the level of drumming they are able to learn and achieve during just one team building session.



Kids Parties/ Teen Workshops/ Adult Workshops

We can’t wait to share a memorable drumming experience with you.